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Welcome to Taxes Zone 14, Dhaka

Taxes Zone 14, Dhaka came into being in 2011 as part of a larger expansion program of the Income Tax Department which saw the existing 8 territorial jurisdiction zones of Dhaka increase to 15. The zone is situated at 12/1 Bijoy Nagar with 22 tax circles, 4 range offices and Office of the Commissioner of Taxes. The zone serves around 43,000 taxpayers through tax circles 287 to 308 and includes jurisdiction over individual taxpayers in wards 15,16,20,37,38 and 39 and specific companies within the Dhaka civil district. Money exchange houses, private security services, other services and employees of all NGOs in the Dhaka metropolitan area are some of the unique taxpayers assessed in this zone. Despite being a fledgling tax zone, the zone collected tax of almost Tk. 600 crore in the last financial year.


News & Events

Seminar on Section 52AA at Dhaka EPZ, Savar on 17 October 2016

A seminar on tax deduction at source (TDS) under section 52AA of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 was arranged by Taxes Zone 14, Dhaka at Dhaka EPZ, Savar on 17 October 2016. According to the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984, tax must be deducted at source under section 52AA for all services not mentioned anywhere else in Chapter VII of the Ordinance. As you know Zone 14 is responsible for the collection of most of the TDS under section 52AA. There are about 100 establishments at the Dhaka EPZ who spend a lot on services and as such are deducting authorities for those expenses. So we thought it would be a good idea to arrange a seminar with the accounts people of those establishments rather than go door to door so to speak. This would serve two purposes. Firstly, we could inform them of the changes that had been introduced in the Finance Act related to Section 52AA and secondly we could get feedback from those deducting authorities and answer any questions they might have concerning their obligations. As such, with the blessings of our Commissioner, A.J. M. Ziaul Hoq Sir, the TDS monitoring team headed by the Additional Commissioner, Nuruzzaman Sir, went to the Dhaka EPZ, Savar. The seminar started at 11.00. After the welcoming address given by AdlCT Nurruzzaman Sir, a paper on TDS under Section 52AA was delivered by Md. Nazmul Huda, ACT followed by a lively question and answer session conducted by Asma Dina Ghani, JCT and finally tea. The event was fruitful and hopefully will garner good results in the form of greater tax compliance and cooperation between deducting authorities and the tax department. We cannot thank BEPZA enough for their cooperation in arranging the seminar at their wonderful venue and a very special thanks to Mr Md. Abdus Sobhan, the General Manager of BEPZA for his cooperation and hospitality.

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! Another year has rolled by. We start the New Year with renewed energy and commitment to do better and be better than last year. We have had to say goodbye to many of our colleagues but have also had the pleasure of greeting new ones. We achieved our collection target in June which gave us a great boost to try and do even better. The introduction of the Tax Week has created a new dimension in the way we work as part of our service oriented approach to tax collection. We could not have done this without our assessees by our side. We wish all our esteemed assessees a very happy New Year. From all of us at Taxes Zone 14, Dhaka we wish you good health, prosperity and long life and an awesome 2017!

Deduction at Source @ 10% on Toll Manufacturing Bill

Catering service 10%, Cleaning service-(a) commission 10% (b) gross receipts 1.5%, Collection and Recovery agency- (a) commission 10% (b) gross receipts 1.5%, Contract or toll manufacturing 10%, Credit rating agency 10%, Event management- (a) commission 10% (b) gross receipts 1.5%, Indenting commission 7.5%, Meeting fees, training fees or honorarium 10%, Motor garage or workshop 5%, Printing service 3%, Private container port or dockyard service 5%, Private security service provider- (a) commission 10% (b) gross receipts 1.5%, Product processing charge 10%, Shipping agency commission 5%, Stevedoring/berth operation commission 10%, Supply of manpower- (a) commission 10% (b) gross receipts 1.5%, Transport provider 3%, Any other service which is not mentioned in Chapter VII of this Ordinance and is not a service provided by any bank, insurance or financial institutions 10%.

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